Domestic Retail Infrastructure

The objective of the Domestic trade term is to create an efficient functioning domestic market for the development and distribution of local manufactured products. The Division is implementing two projects under the Industrial Policy. The under-listed activities being implemented within the framework of ISSP are:

      • Project 1: Improved Marketing and Distribution of Industrial Products
      • Output 1: Promoting Made in Ghana Goods and Services
      • Output 2: Marketing the Web Based Product Gallery

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  • Ensuring strict compliance with existing legislation and regulations in respect of retail trade
  • Developing modern markets and retail infrastructure in every district to enhance domestic trade

      Key Sector Initiatives & Projects

  • Development of retail infrastructure- redefining what market infrastructure should be like (village, town, district, metropolis, region)
  • Facilitate the establishment of state of the art market centres/mini malls in border towns eg: ‘Ashigame market’ in Lome.
  • Establish a commodity exchange to improve seller/buyer relationship and raise interest in made in Ghana goods
  • Promote a made in Ghana portal to enhance market visibility of made in Ghana goods (web based gallery)
  • Enhance craft villages in the various districts.
  • Establish retail chains for the sale of made in Ghana goods eg: Ghana Emporium
  • Establish the Ghana International Trade Commission (GITC) to deal with unfair trade practices.
  • Ensure consumer protection.
  • Legislation for local content and Government procurement for Made in Ghana products.
  • Launch “FUGU DAY”
  • Establish gold villages in selected towns across the country
  • Promote the patronage of Made in Ghana goods and services through Made in Ghana street fairs
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