Investments opportunities in Ghana

The Government of Ghana has demonstrated commitment to creating an enabling business environment in Ghana. Indeed, as far back as the country's pre-independence days, Ghana has always welcomed legitimate investors and nurtured many successful foreign investments, spanning several sectors of the economy. The Government of Ghana is cognizant that in countries where the private sector is given a significant yet well-defined role in economic development, the pace of progress has been quicker and effective. The private sector in Ghana is therefore considered the engine of economic growth and deliberate policies and measures are constantly being taken to make Ghana the business hub of West Africa and provide market access to the ECOWAS region of over 250 people. 

In Ghana political governance is democratic, open and ensures accountability; public economic management is prudent and assures macro economic stability; the investment regime is liberal, rationalized and provides guarantees against expropriation of foreign investments; and Ghana's judicial system is administered by competent judges who are independent and fair. Infrastructure and other support are also being continually improved. Road networks, airport terminals and harbour infrastructure have been expanded and modernized to facilitate trade and better linkages with neighbouring countries and abroad. All these deepen the business environment. 

Under the framework of South-South cooperation, new relationships with business interests in the developing world, particularly India, a long-standing ally, are being developed and investors from India are welcome to consider Ghana as the ideal investment destination - "Africa's Golden Gateway".